Saturday, November 29, 2014

My GSA Misadventure

There is good that has come out of this particular ill-fated as well as completely avoidable misadventure looking to get on to the GSA Routine.

1 ) The procedure as well as requirements forced me to target as well as articulate my areas of experience.

second . I had formed to provide serious considered to what distinguishes my solutions through other people who work within similar areas.

3. We discovered the importance of identifying my company as a certified woman-owned business. That is not something which We have played up during the past.

4. The enormous records I had formed to build up is going to be very helpful within upcoming proposals as well as advertising initiatives.

the. Making the narratives of tasks that I have completed had been really instructive.

b. Writing the ability statement gave me the head begin in determining what it is that I perform.

d. The replies We have created towards the requests for proposals consist of info I could and can utilize once again within upcoming (and hopefully, more successful) proposals.

five. I acquired exercise pricing possible travel as well as hotels expenses, which was illuminating in itself.

six. Almost all may not be lost. I do have another yr to watch and see if there is work I could perform for the government.

As well as what difficult training have We discovered?

It is important to carry out thorough investigation in to any kind of endeavor which seems attractive. I should have spent lots of time within the GSA web site. I also should have checked out the websites of more from the women-owned companies who do as well as failed to get contracts- as well as called to with them about their encounters.
I need to request more queries to obtain a total picture from the requirements before We under your own accord jump on to the merry-go-round.
When the application is extremely hard to accomplish, this is a good indication that the application process is going to be extremely hard.
When the application process is so complicated that it needs paid experience to accomplish this, then your implementation (marketing) phase will even require paid experience.
If you wish to do business with the federal government, you have to be in a budget where you do not need the business.
When the solution to stress produces more stress, it is not a good solution. The reason for wanting to get on to the GSA Routine had been to lessen my stress concerning the paucity of work as well as financial situation. Sadly, the process of having on to the GSA Routine held me highly stressed for 2 years as well as didn't perform everything to get me work or even improve my financial situation.
I need to be aware that I was guilty of magical thinking: making the GSA Routine will certainly open up the door for lots of federal lucrative contracts. We didn't consider how hard it would be to introduce myself as well as develop relationships along with federal agencies.
Once i consider having a risk, I need to think through my choice to its useful and many likely bottom line. I can't allow my desperation to colorless my view of the most realistic outcome.
Nothing involving the government is ever simple or even simple.
If this sounds too good to become correct, be wary, since you you do not have the full story.